It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to my blog, Photographic Muse(ings).

“As a photographer, I am constantly seeking sources of inspiration: “muses” in the form of people or landscapes or angles or light. These muses inspire my creative process and my shots, and I can only hope that they might inspire others as well – both aspiring photographers, casual iPhone picture takers, & those who just like to look. So, my “photographic muses” are my inspirations, and my “photographic musings” are my reflections on these inspirations, my creative portfolio, and my business.”

Photographic Muse(ings) is a blog created by Margaret Rowland, fashion and beauty photographer/director. The purpose of Photographic Muse(ings) is to discuss the daily, behind-the-scenes life of being a photographer, both creatively and in terms of business, but even more so, to talk about inspiration.

Margaret Rowland is an internationally published fashion and beauty photographer based in New York City. With experience in a variety of photographic disciplines – landscape photography, news/photojournalism, sports photography, and weddings/occasions – Margaret Rowland’s career spans a diversity of genres despite her youth, and as such, is uncommon and unique in the photography industry. With extraordinary attention to detail and a keen eye for lighting and angles, Margaret Rowland produces powerful editorials, stunning beauty photographs, and compelling fashion imagery.

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